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Dr Sourav Basu

Part 3: Let’s make Critical Chain a science

Recap Part 2: In the last blog post, we learned about how Critical Chain works within a scientific framework. However, Susan raises a valid point questioning if the Critical Chain can be applied to more complex cases. This got Sanjeev thinking and he promised to come back with answers.

Part 3: Let’s make it a science

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Critical chain not a science

Part 2: Who said Critical Chain is not a science?

Recap Part 1: In the first part of this series, we looked at why despite its track record and in spite of time and cost overruns in projects across the world, Critical Chain is yet to be accepted as a mainstream solution. At the heart of Critical Chain methodology, lies the concept of multitasking which ostensibly solves the resource limitation problem in projects. Unfortunately, even after 25 years, this central tenet remains a ‘philosophy’ that only a handful around the world has been able to master. We saw a story (https://blog.realization.com/missing-link/why-critical-chain-is-not-a-science-part-1) where John, Kumar, and Susan tried to solve the paradox of multitasking and low WIP. All three of them were talking the same language but suggesting different actions. The story continues here.


Kumar and his team meets Sanjeev, a TOCICO lifetime achievement awardee and a world-renowned expert in Critical Chain.

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